Fildena 25 User Reviews

How does Fildena work

Dosage recommendation

Fildena 25 User ReviewsFildena super active 100mg – the original drug of India for the treatment of problems with the deterioration of erection. The company “Cipla”, which produces 100 mg Fildena 100 usa, has received approval from health organizations in the United States. The principle of the drug is the same with any other Fildena 100 purple, namely, increased blood flow to the genitals. Due to this, the man becomes stable erection, sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. The drug is available in blister of 4 tablets. Each tablet has a clear cut, which allows it to break into several parts.

To use Fildena 100

Fildena Extra Power 150 (2)Each tablet contains Fildena compared to viagra 100 mg of sildenafil-the active component. This dosage is considered optimal and is suitable for any man, regardless of age. Take Fildena 25 is recommended for 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. During this time, sildenafil completely gets into the blood and begins its action. The duration of the action is 5 hours. Drink pill best with plain water. The rate of absorption is affected by the intake of alcoholic beverages and fatty foods. Therefore, refrain from alcohol before taking Super Fildena reviews. The drug does not change the composition of sperm and does not cause the body to get used to the active substance.

Possible side effects Fildena 100

fildena-vs viagraWe can still buy Fildena 100 purple in St. Petersburg from the famous manufacturer Delta, which is part of the group Cipla. And so you can count on the quality of our products.
Side effect:

Can I Take Fildena 100?

super-fildenaThe company “Is Fildena fda approved” has tried to reduce the risk of side effects. But when taking the drug may have a headache, nasal congestion, redness of the face.

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