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super Fildena reviewsHow does Fildena work What is Fildena – the drug is prescribed for severe cases of erectile dysfunction, when smaller dosages do not have the desired effect. Each tablet contains 200 mg of active ingredient – sildenafil. The principle of the drug is to fill the blood of the penis during sexual arousal.
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Fildena super active 100mg mg is available in the form of blue tablets. At the initial reception of Fildena 100 reviews mg, the tablet can be broken into several parts and take one half, and leave the second one the next day. ATTENTION! Fildena in usa does not require a single dose increase over time. For a good persistent erection, take the drug 30-60 minutes before the start. After absorption, you will be able to engage in passionate sensual sex for as long as 5 hours. Alcoholic beverages and food deteriorate the effect and increase the suction time of sildenafil.
Side effects:

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Is Fildena safeWhat is Fildena mg can cause you undesirable effects, namely: nasal congestion, headache, pain in the eyes, flushing of blood to the face.

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