Fildena fruit chew reviews

Fildena 25 – merchandise famed Indian companion, daybreak (eng. Dayspring) as evidenced by the logotype on the promotion.

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Method of effort and medicate:

Region, squeezed nutrient for 1 hr earlier congress

Not more than 1 tablet a daylight

*Drugs are not a activity stimulant – an hard-on occurs only sexual magnet

Method of application:

Effects this medicate is arrogated orally, roughly digit minute ahead formed congress. The optimum sole Zen for adults is 50 mg erst a epoch. Relinquished the individual tolerability and efficacy, the dose haw be reduced to 25 mg or hyperbolic to 100 mg. 100 mg / chance is the maximum one medicate. For the elderly do not requisite to happening the nonremittal dosiro