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Fildena 100 from India Side Effects

Fildena 100 mg contraindications

Fildena is a medication prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and restoration of normal potency in men. Fildena is produced in India at a factory with a worldwide name – Cilpa.

It is an analogue of the famous drug Viagra, it is characterized by the content of twice as much active ingredient – 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate. It has excellent properties of influence on male potency, has minor side effects, as well as an affordable price.

Fildena 100 mg side effects

Fildena does not affect the libido of a man and for his effect on an erection, sexual arousal is necessary. If the erection disorder is caused by a number of internal problems with the operation of the pelvic organs, the effect of the drug on the erection will be slightly lower, or the time of its effect will be shorter. The drug does not affect reproductive function, does not change the composition of sperm and does not cause addiction.
The action of Sukhagra 100

Initially? this analogue of the original Viagra was developed to improve the flow of blood to the heart muscle – the myocardium. But as studies have shown, Sukhagra’s effect on the heart muscle is minimal, but the drug has an excellent effect on the erection.

After a lapse of 30 minutes after taking, the drug restores the erectile function and gives a persistent potency. This is achieved by relaxing the muscles that block the flow of blood into the blood vessels and the cavernous bodies of the penis. This leads to an improvement in blood flow to the genitals and the onset of a hard erection.

The effect of taking tablets with Sildenafil will only be in the presence of sexual arousal.

Sukhagra is produced in blue tablets of 100 grams. Buy Sukhagra can be in packages of 4, 8 and 12 tablets. Like the original Viagra is recommended for taking half an hour before sexual intercourse. The recommended dose is one tablet once a day.

How to take Fildena 100 mg

The maximum daily dose is 100 mg. It is recommended to break a tablet at the first intake and take half the dose – 50 mg. Fildena operates for 3-4 hours. The tablet is washed down with a glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach.
Precaution and contraindications

Reception of Sukhagra is not recommended:

Is Fildena 100 mg for women and children too?

with medicinal preparations containing nitroglycerin;
with other tablets to restore potency;
mixed with alcohol (may cause side effects);
when cardiac dysfunction and blood vessel problems;
in the presence of kidney and liver diseases;
persons who have suffered a stroke.

Taking How can I get ahold of Fildena 100? may short-term deterioration of vision and color perception, so if there are visual problems, especially congenital ones, taking suhagru is not recommended.
Side effects

Who can use Fildena 100 mg?

temporary redness of the cheeks;
disorder of the digestive system (diarrhea, nausea);
symptomatic rhinitis;
short-term vision impairment;
pain in the back and lower back;
an individual allergic reaction to the components of the drug;

In comparison with the price of Viagra

How Fildena 100 mg treats erectile dysfunction problems

What do I need to know about Fildena 100? is a cheaper analogue of the original Viagra tablets. Buy Sukhagra can be both prescription in pharmacies, and in online stores. The price of Viagra 100 mg in a pharmacy is 3000 rubles for 4 tablets. Packing Sukhagry number 4 is – 750 rubles. The difference in price is almost 5 times. In our online pharmacy you can also buy cheaper substitutes for Viagra.