The composition of FEMALEFIL includes the active substance tadalafil. Its effect is to increase blood circulation in the vagina and pelvic organs. The component itself does not cause sexual arousal, but acts indirectly. The result of a number of biochemical reactions is the accumulation of nitric oxide in the muscles. It relaxes them, and the blood meets no resistance. A lubricant forms in the vagina, the labia swell, and the woman has a sexual attraction. The drug itself does not eliminate the cause of frigidity, so it is necessary to address the problem of lack of arousal to a sex therapist. If he has no objections to taking the drug, you should buy FEMALEFIL from us, on our website online store.
Femalefil tablets are not a psychostimulant, so the presence of a partner is necessary for its impact. Conducted surveys of women who took the drug, confirmed that orgasm was achieved after the first reception, and sexual intercourse proceeded without pain. Please yourself and your partner, you should buy FEMALEFIL from us, we offer the lowest prices in the domestic market.
Features and benefits of the drug

One tablet of FEMALEFIL is taken about thirty minutes before sexual contact. It is washed down with a sufficient amount of drinking water. After tadalafil begins its action, the maximum effect will be achieved in about an hour. During this time, the woman will have a natural desire for intimacy, and sexual intercourse will occur passionately and excitingly. This will certainly affect the feelings of the partner, so you should buy Female cialis on our website.
The advantages of FEMALEFIL include:

undeniable efficiency;

harmlessness and moderate severity of side effects;

affordable price.

Taking the drug can not be combined with treatment with nitrates, as this can cause sharp drops in blood pressure. This remedy is not taken if a woman is pregnant or planning to conceive, with renal and liver failure, hypertension and hypotension. If you want to make intimate life bright and saturated, you should buy FEMALEFIL.
FEMALEFIL should not be identified with male cialis. It has components that take into account the characteristics of the female body, so take the drug should be based on gender. Change your intimate life, make it rich and full, you only have to buy FEMALEFIL the price is available for the domestic consumer.

FEMALEFIL 20 mg is a medical drug and can only be taken after examination and prescription by the attending physician.